This wiki is designed to help you learn about 21st Century Learning and ways that you can incorporate 21st century collaboration tools into your teaching, your students learning, and your professional learning network.

Wilmette District 39 is embracing the idea that we are “CONNECTED.” We see our students and staff being connected to the 21st Century in a variety of ways.

Together we are:

ommitted to our Core Subjects
Opening minds to a Global Perspective
Nurturing the Characteristics of Successful Learners
Nourishing a sense of Social Responsibility
Empowering Communication skills
Cultivating Collaboration
Transforming Technology into a continuous knowledge tool
Evolving our Teaching styles, learning process and environment
Developing students of tomorrow

District 39 is CONNECTED for 21st Century Learning!   

These ideals are based on a few sources including those developed by The Partnership for 21st Century Skills.   www.21stCenutySkills.org/route21

This site was developed by Debby Atwater and Barbara Ungar