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posted Oct 20, 2009, 3:59 PM by Jill Gontovnick
I am hoping to incorporate blogs and chatting in my classroom this year. Although the development of these tools will be a work in progress, I think they will be great resources for me to use with both students and parents. When I finish my blog, I'd like to use it as a tool for posting homework assignments this year. In future experiences, I would love to design something like the book responses or the interactive questions that we saw in this class. Having learned about chatting in this class today, I feel very positive about using it to communicate with my colleagues. Especially with our school building being so large, this will be a great way to quickly get in touch with people while minimizing the overload that can occur with email. Anything that helps facilitate communication is something that interests me greatly. The tools we have learned about in this CEI are amazing, user-friendly, and (even) fun to use. As I look at the students in the video we watched holding up signs that say, "Engage Me," I am happy to know that I have some tools to promote the growth of our 21st Century Learners!