Module 4: Personal/Professional Learning Networks

Academy 39: Summer 2011

Day 1
  1. Introductions
  2. What is a PLN?
  3. Tools for starting your PLN
  4. Share time
    1. Quick Tour
    2. Purpose
    3. Professional Use? Personal Use?
    4. Classroom Use? Student Use?
  5. How do you utilize a PLN within your busy schedule?
  6. Set up a semi-professional email account/begin setting up accounts w/in the PLN Tools

Please click here prior to the start of class.

What is a Personal/Professional Learning Network?

Often called a PLN, this is a network of people who share resources, advice and techniques.  Your network maybe professional, social, or personal in network.  Whatever your network's intention, it's a great way to learn from others!

5 Reasons Why Teachers Should Network  A good synopsis by Tanya Roscorla (Managing Editor of Converge Online)

  1. To Learn With others

  2. To serve your students

  3. To access a dynamic resource

  4. To extend your learning base

  5. To stay engaged in education

As a participant in a social network/professional learning network, you may fall under one (or a few) of the following categories:

  • Creators: Active publishers, writers, and "uploaders"
  • Critics: Those who post comments, ratings, and reviews
  • Collectors: Those who subscribe to RSS feeds and collect articles
  • Joiners: Those who have profiles on various social networking sites
  • Spectators: Those who do nothing but read blogs and watch videos.