Organizing Your Files

There are several sites available with tutorials that offer suggestions about how to organize your files HOWEVER, it will be up to you to determine the best solution for your own computer.

How to Organize Your Computer: WikiHow

How to Organize Your Computer: TuCows

How to Organize Your Cluttered Desktop and Regain Your Sanity

Using your "Spotlight" to find items. Under the Desktop Help Menu you will find the following information:

About Spotlight
Spotlight searches filenames, content, and metadata (data that describes other data) to find virtually anything on your computer, such as documents, images, movies, music, PDF files, email messages, to-do items, contacts, and events. For example, if you search for a person’s name, such as Tom, Spotlight returns: Tom’s contact information, all documents that contain Tom, all email messages to or from Tom, all calendar appointments with Tom, and all iChat transcripts you’ve saved that involve Tom.

You can search your computer at any time by clicking the Spotlight icon in the menu bar to display the Spotlight search field. Because Spotlight searching is used in multiple applications, the Spotlight search field also appears in the Finder, Mail, and System Preferences, among others, as well as in Open and Save dialogs. Spotlight is also used in Smart Folders, Smart Mailboxes, and Smart Groups, which help you organize and access information on your computer.

Here are ways to use Spotlight:

■Use the Spotlight search field to quickly search your entire computer.

Searching for items using a search field
■Use a search window to specify a search location to focus the search, and specify search criteria to refine results.

Searching for items using a search window
To make items easier to find when you search for them, you can use the Spotlight Comments field in the Get Info dialog. For example, use the field to mark all the files for a project with the project name or tag all your urgent files with the word “urgent.”

If your computer has multiple user accounts, search results include any items that a user’s account gives you permission to see. You can’t modify another user’s items.

Please use the comment section to add other hints that you have used to organize your files:
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