Module 3: Wikis

A wiki can be modified, even with material posted by others, on a collaboratively developed website.

What are wikis? An explanation for teachers

What is the difference between a wiki and a blog? (From

A blog, or web log, shares writing and multimedia content in the form of “posts” (starting point entries) and “comments” (responses to the posts). While commenting, and even posting, are open to the members of the blog or the general public, no one is able to change a comment or post made by another. The usual format is post-comment-comment-comment, and so on. For this reason, blogs are often the vehicle of choice to express individual opinions.

A wiki has a far more open structure and allows others to change what one person has written. This openness may trump individual opinion with group consensus.

Wikis in Plain English--a fun video to explain wikis

Wiki Collaboration - video: Why wikis trump email

50 Ways to Use Your Wiki

50 Ways to use wikis to make your classroom more collaborative and interactive

Wikis vs. Blogs  A humorous debate between Kennedy and Nixon
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